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Sensor, Data, and Information Fusion



Enterprise Architecture Uses

This is a multi-purpose “Harvey Ball” matrix of uses of different architecture views for various governance and other organizational uses.  This can be used to manage EA-related policies so that the right EA data is being collected for an enterprise process.

EA V&V Matrix

This matrix is used to develop what specific architecture and SE data elements are required for what V&V purposes.

Multi-Source Data Fusion Source Relationships

This is a worksheet for multi-source data fusion to show how the features from different sources can cross-correlate (influence) beliefs.  This is specific to radar and EW but could be a template for other sources.

Ontology Relationships Taxonomy

This tool is a spreadsheet version of the IDEF5 with some add-on’s so that one can develop the taxonomy of relationships in an ontology.

EA / SE Estimator

This was developed because too many EA and SE projects are neither estimated up front nor managed during execution for progress and, if necessary, course correction.  Estimating by diagrams, documents, views, etc. never work.  This tool allows the manger to work with the team to decide the level of detail and scope of the essential elements of the architecture and then to manage accordingly.